Graceland Community Baptist Church
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Arts/Decorations Ministry 
Responsible for bringing to life the biblical characters of plays and programs by providing costumes and props and for keeping the church decorated by the seasons.
Graceland Community Baptist Church has many opportunities for members to take part in building God's kingdom.  Contact the respective chairperson(s) with questions or to join any ministry listed below. 
Hospitality Ministry      
Janice Horton, Chairperson
Receive those persons attending our church services as invited or uninvited guest hospitably and cordially, remembering that the first impression is often times a lasting impression.
Goodness & Grace Food Pantry 
William Chism, Chairperson
Providing free food to those in need in the surrounding area.  Photo ID required.  

Monday's    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Serving Zip Codes:    
75104    75134    75232     75249
75105    75137    75236
75115    75146    75237
Men's Ministry Chairperson      
Deacon Robert Calloway
Mobilizing the men of the church for positive involvement in the comprehensive ministries of the church and encourage them to realize the obligations and privileges of church membership through Bible studies.

Royal Ambassadors: 

Music Ministry
Responsible for ushering in the Holy Spirit through songs thereby promoting an atmosphere conducive to the preaching of the gospel. 

Drummer:       Marcus Stricklin
Nurses' Guild     
Catina Mallett, Chairperson
The primary responsibility of the Nurses' Guild is to provide restorative aid to persons undergoing certain temporary physical complications during church services. 
Praise Team Ministry  
Cynthia Cooper, Chairperson
Principal function is to worship the Lord at all times, to witness and to bring others into the presence of God. The Praise Dance Ministry is not just a group, club, or organization, it is a ministry. A team of young women and young men working together to achieve the same goal, to give their all to God when praising Him. 

New Members  
Rev. Nathaniel E. Chaney, Facilitator
Because new converts are so much like infants, they need special attention from the outset of their new life. Thus, a primary objective of the New Members’ Ministry is to provide nurture conducive to spiritual growth and direction that will lead to proper membership involvement. 
Ushers' Ministry
Any act of Christian service, which helps direct men and women into fellowship with Jesus Christ, is a ministry. By that definition, church ushering is a ministry rendered to God and a service that plays a vital part in maintaining a worshipful atmosphere in the church.  

Ushers I: Ida Mims
Ushers II: Brenda Thomas
Youth Ushers: Marilyn Beacham
Church Ministries
Women's Ministry     
Mobilizing the women of the church for positive involvement in the comprehensive ministries of the church.

Mothers’ Board:  Jean Brown, President
Mission II:  Vivian Chaney President
Junior Mission:  Brenda Singleton, President
Acteens & GA Girls:  

Choir/Youth Ministry

This ministry is designed to prepare our young people to grow in their work and worship at church. The youth are to attend worship services and are encouraged to work in all areas of ministry within the church and community.

Minnie Patton
Renee Stricklin-Calhoun

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